Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Mid-way point in May!!

 Our tulips have finally bloomed! It has been a LONG wait since September!

 This is yesterday's word slide for the sound of "OI/OY"  Good reading everyone!

Below are some pics from ice cream day last Friday! The snow cones are very popular (although I will never understand why!!)

Today we started a new 
UOI: More Than a Feeling!
The children had to draw a face exhibiting an emotion and we had to guess what it was!
 First we made a huge "Word Web" of familiar emotions and I did some skits to demonstrate. I'm afraid you might hear a story or two!  :/

We worked on completing our Grandfather clocks today. You will see pictures of those tomorrow!

Have a lovely evening!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Community Helper Day in Kindergarten!
It took almost all day, but we made it through all 13 presentations! 
Immediately following calendar with our leader, Hollie, we got started. The children all did an excellent job of explaining the importance of their choice of community helper. 
( OOPS!- At dismissal time I found a few props that the children forgot they had brought in to be aids in their presentations!)

Police Officer ~ I help keep people safe in my community!

Firefighter (minus his outfit!) ~ I have to know how to give First Aid!

Doctor ~ I help people who are sick or hurt!

Police Officer ~ I help to direct traffic!

Geologist ~ I find safe places to build houses and skyscrapers and find strong rocks to build with!

Police Officer ~ I use my radio to talk to other police officers!

Garbage helper ~ I help take care of the environment!

Police Officer ~ I help put bad people in jail!

Midwife ~ I help pregnant women get their babies out! (These are really her very words!)

Police Officer ~ I wear a bullet-proof vest so
                           I just get a little bit hurt!

Construction Worker ~ I build houses and buildings. I might have to dig a hole in a road sometime!

Soldier ~ I am brave and I help to protect our country!
My apologies to Santino ... my camera battery died during his turn :(  Santino was also a Police Officer and he told us that he would have to use pepper spray if the bad guy wasn't listening!

Thank you, parents, for your support with this project! It was a really great day of summarizing what they have learned!

In the midst of the presentations, the children also had Gym with Ms. Cranfield and French with Mme. V. It was a busy but exciting day! 

Wishing you a lovely evening!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Great May Day!

Our day began in the Gym and 3 students told us the highlight of their trip to the ROM yesterday. Our leader, Reed, gave us a “workout” and the children did their morning jobs. 

Reed did an excellent job with calendar, including being able to tell us that today is the 144th school day!
The leader also points to a verse or two from Chicken Soup With Rice while we follow and read!
In Math we started to learn to tell the time to the half hour and to write it digitally. We have been working on creating our Grandfather Clocks as well.

Following Show and Share, Ms. Cranfield took the class outside to work on ball-throw  for Track and Field. When they came inside we had Sound Pail for the sound of “qu” (pronounced kw).
Several students attended yoga class and the rest enjoyed a sunny and “getting warmer” recess. 

An important writing activity followed recess, some free choice time and French as a conclusion to the day.
Have a nice evening!

Monday, May 8, 2017

A Quiet Day all on Our Own!

Although there was a chilly wind, we tried to spend a little extra time outside today! The children enjoyed having the playground all to themselves! The sand box is very popular but even with just a few in it, there was an argument about whether a mountain could be built right up to the sky or not! After some discussion, and asking the ideas from the others, it was concluded that there wasn't enough sand in the sandbox to go that high, even if we could reach!

It's dandelion season!

Sidewalk chalk season too!

They seem awfully small in the big yard!
Today we had opening in our own room and got right to work after calendar, with a special project, which is a secret!
We also worked on the written aspect of the UOI for Thursday.
We learned the sound of "qu" which sound like "kw".

Enjoy your evening!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The sun is back today!!
Opening exercises in the gym including an "impromptu" Spelling Bee with Grade 5/6!
~Calendar with our leader, Taylor
~A short Math lesson on time - comparing analog and digital time to the hour
~In Language Arts we learned the sound of "th " (Sound Pail on Thursday for things starting with "th") and each group did a related skill-sheet
~In Gym we practiced skipping rope skills ... going well!
~Right after the last recess we went to Mr. Hunt's room to watch two of the Grade 5/6 groups present their "Exhibition" projects. One was about the declining bee population and the effect that has on us. The other was about the accessibility of clean water in Orangeville. The Kindergarten students did an excellent job of sitting and listening! 
The day came to an end very quickly! 
Have a  pleasant evening!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Is Fall back????
It was a wet and cool day, with no time outside 
:(  :(  :(
We had a big assembly this morning. The topics of having Integrity and being Principled were discussed. I read a wonderful book called Mr. Peabody's Apples. I would highly recommend it. It is about the power of our words and the unlimited good or bad they can help to create. 
Following the assembly, there was time only for calendar, weekend news and snack. 
After recess we learned the sound of "sh" and did some related seat work. 
This afternoon, the students were introduced to the new Gym teacher, Ms. Cranfield. She taught them a new game which they loved. It was really great to sit back and watch the class from a distance!
Our day ended with French!
Hopefully better weather tomorrow! 
Enjoy the rest of your day :)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Beautiful Spring Day!!
Santino was our leader today and did a great job with the calendar! At Math time the children continued to work with the balance scale by comparing different items from the classroom.
We had Spelling Dictation after recess and some quiet puzzle time while I did some important classroom tasks!
This afternoon, we went outside to enjoy the great weather and to start to prepare for Track and Field.
The day ended with French. Mme. is teaching vocabulary for rooms , etc. in the house.

Have a lovely evening!

The Mid-way point in May!!  Our tulips have finally bloomed! It has been a LONG wait since September!  This is yesterday&...