Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Beautiful Wednesday!
(It flew by like most days do!!)
Calendar time with our leader!
 We sang the colour song today, as we always do on Casual Day. Then  the children made a journal entry starting with "In the summer ..." Many of the JK's surprised me  by finishing their sentence without help! Way to go!

 Show and Share followed morning recess. And then Gym time with Ms. Cranfield. They love the games she plays with them!
 The children also did their final "3 Mad Minutes" today! They have 3 minutes to write as many numbers as they can, starting with 1 and counting forward! Not an easy task for some, as seeing it and reading it is very different from thinking it and then printing it! The results of the entire year of  "3 Mad Minutes" is in the agenda today!

The play dough came out this afternoon! 


This beautiful bouquet arrived today from our 3 amazing kids, their equally amazing spouses, and our 4 beautiful granddaughters ... all wishing me a Happy Retirement! It was a lovely surprise!
Enjoy your evening!

Monday, June 12, 2017

 The last Monday of the school year!
Our morning began in the gym as usual. Taylor gave us our daily "workout!" Morning jobs were completed and Taylor did a great job with all calendar routines. The children shared their weekend news with each other and then we had a a quick geometry "test" before snack.

 Mrs. Burke had Show and Share with us today! She brought in a robin's nest with 8 eggs in it! She has watched robins build in the same spot for many years but this year nothing hatched from either batch of eggs laid :(

 Aiden was the only student with Show and Share today ... an exciting car carrier!
In Language Arts we learned about ABC order (alphabetical order). We ordered lists of our first names and then our last names!
This afternoon's activity is a secret for a special date next weekend! The day concluded with French.
Enjoy your evening!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Photo Catch-up Day!!

Below are  some pictures from our Teddy Bear Picnic Day on June 7! It was a fun day. Each student introduced their 'stuffie' to the rest of us and told us 2 interesting facts. We did several watermelon-themed activities that day and enjoyed beautiful weather for our outdoor lunch!


On Thursday we worked more with money ... we are learning the names and values of Canadian coins and learning how to count a group of coins! Very tough, but very exciting when they "get it!"

 Below are two wonderful JK readers! This is the most exciting reward for me!

Today's pictures have not made it to my computer yet, even though I sent them :(

This morning we did a major sorting of manipulative toys and puzzles. The class did a fantastic job of it too! 
We worked more with money at Math time. You would be astounded with their knowledge!!! Did you know that you can buy a house for $25? And new socks are 10 cents! (I am serious about how much they really do know!)

This afternoon we worked on a secret project and had July/August birthday circle and some extra playing time outdoors.
I hope to see you tomorrow at the PICNIC!
Have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Not Feeling at all like June Today!!

Our morning began with Opening Exercises and a House Game. Theta earned 5,000 points; Kappa - 3,000 points and Zeta - 1, 000 points for a relay race that turned out to be much more difficult than I thought it would be! 

Our leader, Santino, led us through the calendar. We reviewed the names and values of the 3 coins we have learned so far and each group did a skill-sheet. 

Our language time was spent making a "secret something!"

During the first part of the afternoon we started to learn a  Watermelon Song that we will sing at our picnic tomorrow.

The day ended with French!

     Singing a Farm Song with Mme.V. ~ That they love!

Enjoy the evening ... 
the weather is due to improve!

Monday, June 5, 2017

The first Monday in June!
Our day began as usual, in the gym for Opening Exercises and announcements. Arya was our leader today and did a great job with all calendar questions. In Language Arts we learned our last sound ... the sound of "an r-controlled a" which says "ar" as in car and star . The children did grade appropriate activities.

At Math time we reviewed the names and values of the penny and nickel. They were introduced to the dime, it's properties and it's value, and did a counting by 10 skill-sheet.

This afternoon for our UOI, I found some short videos under the title of Kelso's Choices and the children learned about Kelso's wheel .. which gives them 9 different options for dealing with small problems. They were very taken by it and that is all I heard for the rest of the day! I didn't have to solve any problems at all!

Have an enjoyable evening!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Friday!
We had a great day! We began with the June assembly and Mrs. Tavares’ class presented us with skits to demonstrate appreciation and reflection. (House Games will take place on Monday)
In the classroom we had calendar and talked about the assembly topic.
Following snack, recess and Taylor’s Show and Share, I read a book called  What Are You so Grumpy About?   In Math I introduced the nickel and the class did great counting by 5’s to discover the value of a all of their nickels!
This afternoon we were invited to the gym to watch a play called Night Light. It was excellent and covered several topics, but the main point was about how to face and defeat our fears. The 3 actors were phenomenal and the children were totally captivated!

Mr. Hunt wanted to sneak into the front row with us!
Little sister, Tara trying to deal with their dad in the hospital for a routine operation and big brother, Victor, dealing with a bully. They helped each other to conquer their fears.

After the play we held the June Birthday Circle, some recess time and French at the end of the day. It was another busy day and flew by!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We had Opening Exercises in the classroom today, followed by calendar and the colour song (for Casual Day!)
We did Sound Pail for the sound of "er/ir/ur" and the children had gym with Ms. Cranfield.
This afternoon I read the first book in the series of Scaredy Squirrel books. The children loved it but also understand that it doesn't make sense to be afraid of EVERYTHING!

This is my favourite part of teaching Kindergarten! Listening to my students read independently is so exciting and very rewarding! Thanks for all of your help at home!

Two little artists at free choice time!
Our day's leader is doing calendar with Mme V. during French class!

I hope you have a lovely evening!

A Beautiful Wednesday! (It flew by like most days do!!) Calendar time with our leader!  We sang the colour song today, as we always ...